Frequently asked questions

When should I see rewards?

Rewards begin getting payed out four epochs after you delegate. If you delegate during epoch 200 you will not start seeing rewards until epoch 204. Be patient, your rewards are coming. Reward distribution is handled 100% by the protocol and is not controlled by the pool operator.

How do pool fees work?

If the total pool rewards for the epoch are 50,000 ADA, the 340 ADA* is subtracted as pool cost, leaving 49,660 ADA. The pool takes 2% (993.2 ADA) and the remaining rewards (48,666.8 ADA) are distributed to the delegates based on their stake. All of the pool fees are taken out of rewards. There is a one-time ~2.17 ADA transaction fee payed to the Cardano network when you first stake. This is not payed to the pool operator. You will have to pay a transaction fee of ~0.17 ADA each time you switch to a new pool. *The 340 ADA fixed fee is NOT imposed on each delegator individually.

Do I have to redelegate my rewards or any new ada?

Your stake encompasses your entire wallet and all ADA that it controls. Even if you add ADA to your wallet later on it will be included in your stake without any input from you. Your rewards are automatically delegated even if you never touch them.

What is saturation?

Saturation is the point when a pool has the amount of stake that the network finds ideal. Saturation is displayed as a percentage. Pools offer increasing rewards up to 100% saturation; then rewards decrease once it is over-saturated. If you are delegating to a pool close to saturation, be sure to have an alert set up so you can switch if it becomes oversaturated.

Are my ADA safe?

You do not put your ADA at risk by staking/delegating with a pool. The safety of your ADA relies on how well you have secured your recovery phrase. When you set up your wallet you were given a recovery phrase. Be sure to write it down and store it safely. Never share it with anybody. You will never have to send your ADA to a pool or person to delegate. Use Daedalus or Yoroi Wallet to safely store and manage your stake pool delegation. If you leave your ADA on an exchange and let them stake for you, then your ADA are not safe. Exchanges have historically been the least secure place to store crypto. *Backed up cold storage wallets like ledger are recommended*